First Day On The Job


As with any first day on the job, I am a little apprehensive about putting my thoughts out there. Granted, yes, I do it all the time. I’m a social media addict. I’m represented on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course, the newest trend – Google+ I do NOT have a problem over sharing my life. This is just a little different. I get more than 140 characters – and will be judged by more than just my Mum…so, lets just say, I’m suffering a little stage fright.

If you don’t know me here are some details to digest while I get my thoughts together for my second day:

I have  British, New York, California and Texas drivers licenses and an accent blended from all of the above!

My work and my life allow me to explore new places, experience great hotels, try out new restaurants and deal with the silliness that comes with all of that. So this is where my insight and tid bits will be coming from. The good, the bad, the wonderful and the down right ugly (which typically involves my frequent faux pas as a stranger in a strange land)

Feel free to help me out with tips and criticism for the new girl in the office.


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  1. See, nothing to be afraid of. This is lovely. Your life sounds incredibly exciting…one which I would love to lurk in on through this blog and I’m sure many others will love to do so as well.

    There really are no rules. Just be yourself and honest to your authentic voice, that’s what people are most drawn to.

    I’m looking forward to future posts. You definitely have a new reader!


  2. So far so good…well done…& you have the source material…can’t really go wrong.
    I look forward to reading more… :)…as for Mum…well…there is probably enough there for a second blog too. 🙂 (I will of course deny having written this if she discovers it) 🙂


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