Have Passport, Will Travel


I am definitely not someone who is shy of travelling (note – I may live in the US but i still use my UK spelling), or who was sheltered from flying growing up – I have been fortunate to explore some great parts of the world. My parents gave me many opportunities and experiences as a child to see different countries and cultures. From Paris to Prague, Cape Town to Cuba, Lisbon to Limassol, Krakow to Korea Town and New York to Naples.

I cannot imagine a life where I didn’t want to travel, I certainly cannot think of a time where in my life I didn’t want to take a vacation. Not because I want to escape my home or country, not because, for example, England is so expensive – but more because I, like many Europeans,  have a lust for different cultures. A desire to see the world – experience new things and step outside of my comfort zone.

I love to step off a plane – breath in the smells of a city. (I still love landing in LAX – there’s the California smell that hits me and it incites so many happy feelings – it could be the ocean, the warm sun or it could just be the smog, but it brings back happy feelings). I love languages – as a language falls on my ears, I enjoy it – I take it in and instantly start to let it swirl in my mind, translating it, to try to understand what is going on around me – to take the words I hear and make sense of them through Latin, French, Spanish and Italian – it’s a fun challenge for me to work on while I am immersed in it. I plan and look forward to the cuisine –  I day dream about the manchego cheese, ripe olives, gazpacho and fresh fish in southern Spain. Deliberating about our honeymoon – should we go to Tokyo to have genuine sushi or Vietnam for fresh Pho?  Local foods and cuisine intrigue me. My dining experiences in South Africa were by far the best meals I have ever had. Ostrich carpaccio, springbok and langoustines – my mouth waters thinking about the variety of incredible meals available in Cape Town.

What I enjoy the most about travel is the people and stories. What is the country or city built upon? The history. Why does Spain have the ‘Mañana, Mañana‘ attitude? How does the life of a Cuban compare to mine? What created the huge race division in South Africa – and how is the country building its way back? Is the West Coast (of the USA) really the best coast? Is everything really bigger in Texas?

I am still continuing to learn my way around the world and I still have much, much more to learn and hope that my learning’s will never end.

I am glad for my passport, be it British or American, I am glad for my freedom and the opportunities that are coming my way.

I shall continue to explore and live by the motto – Have Passport, Will Travel.


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  1. This wonderful post is of special significance to me since I am a born and bred South African…(in case you had not picked that up) 🙂
    Happy Travels 🙂


  2. This is lovely!

    I’ve never had the privilege to travel like I dream of doing. But somehow, even without those experiences yet, what you wrote sounds like what I yearn for.

    The idea of traveling and immersing your five senses in the experience. The idea of melding yourself into the place to understand it better as a whole, is truly what traveling would be for me!

    Also, the fact that I want to travel just so I can experience the food most of all makes me happy!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I really enjoy reading 🙂


    • Thank you for the comment Carolina. Travel is probably my addiction – over shoes, french fries and diet coke. I think about it every day, need it all the time. Cant face not knowing when i will next get to travel. It’s definitely a luxury and one i appreciate all the time.


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