From Rule Britannia to God Bless America (pt1)


Being English in the US has its pros and cons.  I flit between “Rule Britannia” and “God Bless America”.

I certainly don’t feel one land is greater than the other, although Americans have no qualms in sharing their beliefs with me, it is no bad thing – are you lucky enough to say you are proud of your country?
Anglo-American flag           

I have never experienced such pride in the armed forces. I get chills when I walk in to DFW airport on occasion to a plane load of soldiers walking through the terminal. Everyone stops what they are doing and everyone in the terminal either salutes or applauds the soldier, the marine, the sailor, or the airman. You can’t help but be moved by the incredible admiration and respect that the people of America have for their armed forces.US Troops arriving at DFW

I remember sitting in a restaurant and a uniformed soldier walks in. He sits down at the bar and a couple on a table next to me send a beer over to the soldier and thanks him for all he does for the country. I had never seen it before. It doesn’t happen in the UK, or if it does, not often enough and no one I mention this to has ever seen such a thing. I loved what that couple did and I continue to see it all over America.

I may not be American, but I appreciate those men serving, fighting and protecting the country I live in and countries I have never and will never travel to. Not for themselves, but to help those that cannot help themselves, a selfless act one I respect, and hell yeah we should applaud them, salute them and buy them a drink.  God Bless America


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