Made in the Valley…like totally.


I’m currently sitting in my California sandwich. Los Angeles last weekend, Los Angeles next weekend, but for now I am home, where the heart is.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am from London, but a California girl at heart. Something to do, I think, with being made in America – more specifically, made in the Valley,  this is a fact that most people don’t know about themselves…. where they were conceived, yet, my parents  have  proudly showed me the hotel on Ventura Blvd where I was created. Who said the Brits were prudish? So, from the age of zero I have felt like I belong in the City of Angels.

Ventura Blvd

Now that I currently reside in Dallas, Texas (I say it like that because the locals never just say they’re from Dallas, it’s always with pride that they announce city and state – my fiance who is from a smaller town, also advises on the population of the town – it’s cute. Texas pride at it’s finest) …sorry a tangent…. anyway, now that I live in Dallas, I try to get back to LA as much as possible. Other friends who had to leave LA for work, will also tell you that they share the same feeling as I do, when I touch down on the runway at LAX I feel like I am home. The 405, the traffic, the thick layer of smog and the pressure to be skinny, tanned, and famous. It sounds hideous, but it’s home. It’s the greatest city in the world. LA can be a hot mess or just a dirty mess, but you cant help but be in love.

Valley MapLos Angeles


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  1. Hi – would you be interested in letting us feature your blogs on our website

    We are looking for Brits living in the USA they like to blog about differences in culture etc.


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