Flying too much (part 1) what’s your score?


I fly quite a bit. I’m by no means anywhere close to some of my friends who seem to be up in the air more than they are on the ground, but I would consider myself a frequent flyer. Being a frequent flyer affords you some vital skills:

I can pack a week’s clothes in to a carry on, including 3+ pairs of shoes (impressive huh).  I have a clear plastic bag of liquids of 3oz or less, ready to go at any moment and I have racked up enough miles to hold an elite status with an international airline every year for the last 4 years. I can pick the quickest security line at a glance by summing up the passengers in line and turbulence can rock me to sleep.

Frequent Flyer Image

10 signs you travel a lot, or in some cases too much:

  1.  Your carry on is never put away
  2.  Your dog has developed a complex and falls in to a depression when he sees the suitcase on the bed.
  3.  You travel with a seat power adaptor in your bag at all times
  4.  You are the foursquare mayor at one or more gates in any airport terminal
  5.  You are forever on the upgrade list. For every flight. (Damn those warm nuts are good).
  6.  Immigration ask you to replace your passport because it’s too worn to work in the scanners
  7.  When you check in on foursquare it says “congratulations this is your 10th consecutive week of being at this airport/at a hotel”
  8.  TSA agents at your home airport know you by name
  9.  You know the flight schedule of every flight in and out of your home airport to various destinations.
  10. You have circumnavigated the globe…. More than once…… In a year.

So how did you score?

Frequent Flyer


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