I have  British, New York, California and Texas drivers licenses and an accent blended from all of the above!

My work and my life allow me to explore new places, experience great hotels, try out new restaurants and deal with the silliness that comes with all of that. So this is where my insight and tid bits will be coming from. The good, the bad, the wonderful and the down right ugly (which typically involves my frequent faux pas as a stranger in a strange land)


A London Girl in America




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  1. I have British, Queensland, California and Singapore drivers licenses. I think you might just be a “friend I haven’t met yet” … or whatever those happy boards say.

    Anyways, randomly found your blog through a retweet and thought I’d chime in with ‘welcome to the blogosphere’ and good lucks (Always liked the plural of that even if it’s grammatically annoying. Yep, I’m odd). Like your blog posts. Keep up the good work!


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